Beta of Cartaro released

CartaroWe are happy to announce the first beta of Cartaro. With this release the API has become stable so an upgrade path for future versions will be available.

Cartaro is the geospatial content management platform that allows setting-up and running a geo-enabled website easily. Cartaro integrates some of the best open source geospatial software with the well established CMS Drupal. The most prominent features of Cartaro compared to other geospatial CMS are the capabilitites for alongside editing of spatial and non-spatial content, the database backend with true geometry data types and the compliance with OGC standards.

Alongside editing of spatial and non-spatial content.

Since the first releases of Cartaro we have been working heavily on bug fixes and new functionality. With the current beta the API for Cartaro 1.x has been stabilized, so Cartaro is ready to be used as a building block for new projects. This also marks the starting point of an upgrade path for Cartaro, meaning that in the future you will be able to upgrade your installation without much hazzle.

The most important new functionality for the current release is the seamless integration of GeoServer's and Drupal's user management. Please see the dedicated documentation for a discussion of the topic.

The next stable release will be ready soon. Also a detailed roadmap will be available until then. In order to stay up-to-date about all future developments you may follow @CartaroOrg or subscribe to our newsletter. Please report any issues on the Cartaro project page on or the respective module page.